Film Programming - Movie Scheduling

The TicketNew movie scheduling is an easy two-step process designed in such a way that even a novice user can operate it. The application has an extensive set of options to manage the shows in the form of movie change, date change, time change or cancellation of a movie. It gives the user an option to have different rate cards or taxes for each show or a screen. Besides supporting free seating or auto seating, this module also has options to enable or disable tickets online or at the POS.

The functionalities of the module include:

  • Change Movies, Show-times, Delete Shows
  • Hold Schedule for a Movie, Show, Day at granular level
  • Tax Structures per screen / movie / multiplex
  • Rate Structure per screen / movie / multiplex
  • Free Seating
  • Start or Stop Show - Online and the POS
  • Show specific class / levels Online or at the POS