Discount & Loyalty Management

TicketNew Discount and Loyalty management module is a very convenient system to do up-selling of tickets at the point of sale and over the internet. Loyalty cards can be issued to customers, with loyalty points defined for each show. Redemption of the loyalty points can happen at any of the POS or online, including the Facebook fan page. The module also helps generate reports to gather details of the customers, based on loyalty points, movies, shows or dates. The loyalty management system facilitates in understanding the customer better and also in formulating strategies to retain them.

The Discount module is widely used during non-peak hours to attract customers and discount options are provided at the point of sale and online applications, including Facebook. The module has options to scan vouchers and provide discounts that can be configured for tickets, food and beverages etc. and applicable discount coupons can be issued.

Loyalty Module features:

  • Loyalty Card Registration
  • Define Loyalty Points for each show
  • Default Loyalty point definition screen
  • Redeem Loyalty Points option - POS - Box-office, Facebook, Online
  • Report - Loyalty Points Value customer wise, date wise
  • Report - Loyalty Points Issued Day-wise List
  • Report - Loyalty Points redeemed report (changes to user-collection, all user collection)
  • Loyalty Points – Web Module


Discount module features:

  • Define Discount Name, set default discount scheme
  • Discount Voucher Management
  • Define Discount Details - with / without vouchers
  • Scheduling Screen - More options include discount option
  • Define Discount Rules. (Tickets, F&B, Both tickets & FB mix rules)
  • Reports - Changes to User collection report, all user collection report