Concessions - Food and Beverage

TicketNew Concessions module is an integrated application which can either work independently or alongside the ticketing module. This is a web-based application and can work seamlessly in a tablet PC or on a POS machine. Several unique features at the level of the product and the stock take, unit of measure and the sales screen make this the industry benchmark for the category. All of the functionalities are developed based on the experience in implementing the application across many systems around the globe.

TicketNew F&B module can also be integrated online. Besides offering the online customer the opportunity to buy tickets and also add food and beverages in a single transaction, it also enables the customer to book parking slots as well. The items booked online can be collected from the F&B counters on producing the confirmation code. The F&B module helps the customer take care of everything in a flow.

Ticket New Concessions module supports:

  • User creation & rights
  • Unit of measure
  • Vendor Creation
  • Category creation and maintenance
  • Recipe creation and maintenance
  • Product creation and maintenance
  • Sales Menu creation - Category based option
  • Purchase
  • GRN
  • Transfer
  • Stock Management
  • Sales
  • Stock Take - Unique model - Daily/weekly/monthly
  • Wastage
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Re-Order Levels
  • Reports -
    • Sales report/ sales counter wise/ item wise all counter/ category wise
    • COGS - cost analysis
    • Stock analysis
    • Stock report - Monthly/Location wise
    • Stock take report
    • Purchase Report
    • Variance report
    • Adjustment and Wastage Report
    • Hourly Concessions Report
    • User Audit Report
    • Product Mix Report
    • Cashier shift summary report
    • Wastage Report
    • Recipe Details Report