TicketNew Box Office Suite a comprehensive ticketing software used by over 800 theatres worldwide. Suite includes POS software, online ticketing systems, seat reservation software, display signage, Food and Beverages and more. The Suite sets the industry benchmark for flexibility and user friendliness making it one of the most popular choices in the industry today.


Meeting the Ticket New professionals was a chance encounter with known and unknown trepidations, that finally lead to an association on sound footing. Their web-based software ensures that it obviates the necessity of application being downloaded to each nodes/substations and all transactions are practically on real time basis, an important consideration for cinema Industry, which is forever on the throes of real time needs and challenges. Another striking fact is the ability of the software to perform without “wobble and whimper” during periods of peaks and troughs makes it worthy of consideration. The software’s simple and striking features, “ever ready to assist” nature of the owners/partners and a friendly demeanor of the service team, makes it a formidable combination for the market reach and penetration.

Armed with the above features and an attractive “pricing to boot”, Ticket new is way ahead of the Industry leaders and it is ideal for all type of Multiplex Cinema theater owners. It is a pleasure to be associated with them.

-P Chandrasekhr, Group GM, Jawad Sultan Group of Companies

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