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Ye Saccha Swabhimaan Sahi Sangharsh (U/A) - Hindi

Hindi | U/A
Drama | | 2 hrs 10 mins

Actors: Ganesh Yadav Milind Shinde Anjelly

Director: Rohit Aarrya

Music Director: Prashant Hedoo


The film revolves around a righteous man Ramakant who is courageous enough to stand by his principles against a politician, who wants to rise to power by dividing people on the basis of caste. Ramakant is harassed for his life by the politician and a local goon for going against them. So much so, that he is threatened to be alienated from the society and his son is turned against him. Despite all this, Ramakant stands true to his principles, which makes his son realise his mistake. Will Ramakant be able to sustain by his principles in this

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