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Y - (Marathi)

Marathi | TBA
Drama Thriller | | 2 hrs 33 mins

Actors: Mukta Barve Nandu Madhav Omkar Govardhan Prajkta Mali Sandeep Pathak

Director: Ajit Wadikar

Music Director: Parag Chhabra


What happens when a couple decides to do something barbarous in their ninth month of pregnancy? What happens when a husband himself cons his wife? What happens when a medical professional sheds his ethics entirely just to earn extra pennies? to the extent he doesn't even shy away from homicides as well. And, what happens when a woman solely fights against all such evils, mentalities and the system itself and eventually turns a torchbearer? Y' is a social thriller. It is a riveting collage of four different yet interconnected stories. The film unfolds the multiple facets and brutal underbelly of a heinous practice from the time of advent of technological advancements in the field of medicine.

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