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Vijaypath (A) - Hindi

Hindi | A
Drama | | 2 hrs 52 mins

Actors: Ajay Devgan Danny Denzongpa Tabu Hashmi

Director: Farogh Siddique

Music Director: Anu Malik


The Saxena family consists of Judge Saxena, his wife, and their school-going son, Babloo, their chauffeur, Shankar, and his son, Karan, as well the Judge's Police Inspector brother, Rajesh. The region is being terrorized by a local goon by the name of Bhavani Singh, Rajesh tracks him down, arrests him, and in the process becomes crippled. Bhavani is tried in Saxena's Court, is found guilty, sentenced to be hanged, and the sentence is carried out. Bhavani's brother, Dilawar, swears to look after his son, Shakti, as well as avenge his death.

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