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Thank you I am sorry - English

English | TBA
Standup Comedy | | 1 hrs 10 mins



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In his new comedy special Sundeep talks about his life so far as a people pleaser and the effort he's making to get out of this trap. It's okay to apologize for the mistakes you make but not for the person you are. We are all constantly trying to please and be pleased through political correctness, inspirational videos, likes, subscribes, shares and retweets. Saying the right thing means way more than doing the right thing for yourself. "As a guy who is partially sighted people didn't see me for who I am, but who they wanted me to be and that didn't please me, cause after a while it got blinding!" In this special Sundeep talks about stories from his life, frustrating interactions with fellow human beings, jokes about his disability and overall how it was to live life as an apology and a people pleaser! The venue is for 21+ only! Tickets once booked will not be refunded.

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