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Takkar - Tamil

Tamil | TBA
Drama | | -

Actors: Siddharth Divyansha Kaushik Yogi babu Abimanyu Singh Munishkanth RJ Vignesh Sujatha Sivakumar

Director: Karthik G Krish

Music Director: Nivas K Prasanna


The film is about two frustrated individuals who meet at a point in life, and how they change each other's life. The two play extremely egoistic characters in the film. Siddharth plays a role of taxi driver and More over this will be a road trip movie filled with action and romance sequences. Divyansha, who played one of the leads in the Telugu film Majili, as the heroine and The film also stars Yogi Babu, Munishkanth and Abhimanyu Singh.

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