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Subway (U/A) - Hindi

Hindi | U/A
Drama | | 2 hrs 07 mins

Actors: Umesh Bajpai | Devender Chaudhry | Devender Chaudhry | Pradeep Choudhary | Ravi Kishan | Naazuk Lochan Jay Shanker Pandey Jay Shanker Pandey Pankaj Raina Pankaj Raina Anil Rastogi Anil Rastog

Director: Shivraj Deval

Music Director:


The story is about three small part-time highway robbers (Vishal, Hoshiyar and Raja) who do the petty thefts for fun and daily enjoyment of an evening party of beer and chicken. One such day they set out on their mission on the highway, with the intent of stealing a car to sell car's stepney, music system etc. so that they can light up their evening. You can call it bad luck or an opportunity of earning some quick money, the boot space of the car has a kidnapped businessman who had been abducted by some rogue. The businessman requests them that "just send me home safe, and in return will reward you all with a lot of money".

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