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Shatru - Bengali

Bengali | U
Drama | | 2 hrs 46 mins

Actors: Jeetendra Madnani Nusrat Jahan

Director: Raj Chakraborty

Music Director: Indraadip Dasgupta


Based in Hridaypur, Police Officer Dibakar Singha lives a wealthy lifestyle with his parents, grandmother, and a sister. He is very well respected in the community, and everyone rises up to support him when a gangster, Arjun Sarkar, brings an army of goons to intimidate him. The latter is humbled and humiliated and returns home to Howrah where he uses his influence with politicians and senior police officers to transfer Dibakar. Once there, the latter finds out about Arjun's criminal activities but is prevented from taking any action by his supervisors. Frustrated, he and his friends, including his sweetheart, Pooja, must endure more humiliation at the hands of a ruthless Arjun - who plans on carrying with his agenda of terrorizing and humiliating Dibakar with impunity.

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