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Shahid Bhai Kotwal (U) - Marathi

Marathi | U
Eknath Desale | | 2 hrs 10 mins

Actors: Arun Nalawade Ashutosh Patki Prajakta Dighe Rutuja Bagwe

Director: Eknath Desale

Music Director: Ashok Patki


''Bhai Kotwal' brings to light the life of Hutatma Bhai Kotwal. Known for his selfless service to the society in the capacity of a lawyer, his dedicated service was a boon to the impoverished people of Maharashtra. Bhai Kotwal was known for his free legal service to poor farmers, who were indebted and harassed by moneylenders. His sacrifice while fighting against the Britishers is also known to all. Now, through this film, the new generation will come to know about his contribution to the society.

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