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Sahodarara Saval (U/A) - Kannada

Kannada | U/A
Drama | | 2 hrs 44 mins

Actors: Jaya Malini Rajinikanth

Director: KSR Dass

Music Director:


This poignant and socially relevant saga delves into concepts of poverty, honesty, and the value of taking the right path despite difficult circumstances, through the life and choices of two brothers. As their mother lies dying, the two brothers struggle to save her life. When the younger brother opts to resort to crime, stealing the purse of a stranger to get money for medicines. After their mother's demise, the elder brother tries to make amends and comes to know that the loss of the money has led to a young man's suicide. He decides to take care of the young man's family like his own. Where will the younger brother's choices lead him. How will their futures unfold.

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