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Randhawa (U/A) - Kannada

Kannada | U/A
Action Drama Thriller | | 2 hrs 09 mins

Actors: Apoorva Srinivasan Bhuvan Ponnanna

Director: Sunil S Acharya

Music Director: Shashank Sheshagiri


Robert who suffers from nightmares sets out to know more about his nightmares. He along with his friend Razzak visits a village named Odeyana Samudra where he meets Vasupradha, the daughter of the village's landlord and falls in love with her. Vasupradha and Robert together begin on an expedition to find out the truth behind the mystery of loud screams that encapsulate the village at night where Robert also discovers that he has been reincarnated and has lived his past life as Randhawa.

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