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Network (U) - Bengali

Bengali | U
Drama Thriller | | 2 hrs 32 mins

Actors: Indrajit Mazumder Rini Ghosh Sabyasachi Chakraborty Saswata Chatterjee

Director: Saptaswa Basu

Music Director: Aviraj Sen Chirantan Banerjee Raz Dee


After the death of his daughter and learning about his terminal illness which gives him a year to live, a TV show creator Abhijit Ganguly tries hard to pick up the pieces and live his life. He plans to make a new film with the support of a production management lead by Raj and Shreya. He is betrayed by his trusted associates which leads him to an inspiration to create a unique reality show called "Their Life" based on the lifestyle of celebrities. Through this show he plans to exact his revenge on the people who had wronged him.

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