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Menka Urvashi - Marathi

Marathi | TBA
Dram | | 2 hrs 29 mins

Actors: Ashok Shinde

Director: Machindra chate

Music Director:


Menka Urvashi is the story and picturisation of Marathi Culture in Rural Maharashtra over a period in between 1955 to 1975. Tukaram Patil, the rich and powerful baron of the village, is obsessed with power and driven by self-interst. Circumstances put him at odds with a poor farmer named Dhanaji, and he plots a devious scheme to bring Dhanaji down. As Patil`s tyranny continues, destiny intervenes in the form of a lavani dancer named Ambika, who takes it upon herself to make sure that justice is served. This movie is the first directorial e

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