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Matto Ki Saikal (U) - Hindi

Hindi | U
Comedy Drama Family | | 1 hrs 38 mins

Actors: Prakash Jha Anita Choudhary Aarohi Sharma

Director: M. Gani

Music Director:


Matto Pal is a `Beldar` from a village near Mathura... A daily wage construction labourer whose life is synonymous with his twenty-year-old bicycle. He and his family of his ailing wife, a teenage and another primary school dropout daughters depend on it. Matto struggles to keep his bicycle in working condition to be able to reach his workplace on time... Getting late for work and loosing on the wages is not an option. Matto ki Cycle is the story of how he and his family negotiate the simple pleasures of life. Will their lives change when finally, Matto realizes his dream of buying a new bicycle!

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