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Manaroopa (U/A) - Kannada

Kannada | U/A
Psychological Suspense Thriller | | 2 hrs 14 mins

Actors: Dileep Gowda Anusha Rao b

Director: Kiran Hegde

Music Director: Saravana


A group of college friends plan their reunion in the dense forests of Western Ghats, where they hope to unwind in the grandeur of nature. As they journey to the fabled Karadi Guhe (Bear`s Cave) inside the forest, they bond over old memories and share their dreams for the future. But things take a dark turn when these friends lose their way in the cave, which has all the trappings of a strange labyrinth. A new age psychological suspense thriller, Manaroopa captures the predicament of millennials in a virgin forest as they explore their feelings in an unexplored territory.

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