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Jammu and Kashmir


Madhubala - Hindi

Hindi | TBA
Drama | | 2 hrs 10 mins

Actors: Dev Anand Madhubala

Director: Prahlad Dutt

Music Director: Lachhiram Tamar


Madhubala is the heir of her fathers inheritance and has a heart disease. She was advised by the doctor to move to a village where there is a cool and calm atmosphere. Madhubala moves there and meets Ashok but after a troublesome meeting they both fall in love with each other and decide to marry. Trouble arises when Kalinath, an acquaintance of madhubala says something to Ashok enraging him and he calls of the wedding. Upset over the fiasco, Madhubala leaves to the city and Ashok relenting his actions goes to meet her and faces her cold at

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