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Jammu and Kashmir


Khido Khundi (U) - Punjabi

Punjabi | U
Drama | | 2 hrs 23 mins

Actors: Ranjit Bawa Mandy Takhar Manav Vij Guggu Gill & introducing Elnaaz Norouzi

Director: Rohit Jugraj

Music Director: GoldBoy & Jaidev Kumar


An examination of how a sport often go beyond its primary function as a means of entertainment to define personal honor, cultural pride, and national identity.There is a small village in PUNJAB "Sansarpur", which has given 15 Olympians to our nation. Many Olympic Golds, Silver, Bronze medals came from that one village for Indian Hockey. Of course the heroes are forgotten now (like all good things). Khido means a ball made of torn clothes, Khundi means a curved stick.

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