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Jammu and Kashmir


Kempirve (U/A) - Kannada

Kannada | U/A
Drama | | -

Actors: Dattanna Sayaji Shinnde Umesh Banakar Laxman Bhasi Bhaskar Raj Kamal

Director: Venkat Bharadwaj

Music Director:


Venkatesh Murthy is a 65-year old middle-class retiree who is respected by one and all, though his family is rather unhappy with certain financial decisions he made in the past. When he is offered a job by a local business tycoon to oversee the latter's real estate projects, Venkatesh is hesitant at first, but eventually takes up the job. It's only a matter of time before Venkatesh's astute eye for detail helps him figure out what's going on behind the shady business deals of the real estate tycoon - and this discovery will change his life

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