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SRI DEVI FINE ARTS Production presents Amarar Kalki

PONNIYIN SELVAN 2 - 26-08-2018

SRI DEVI FINE ARTS Production presents Amarar Kalki's PONNIYIN SELVAN 2 ( Part 2 ) after successful of ponniyin selvan in the year 2016 now this is the untold stories of continuing series of Ponniyin Selvan with original sets and lighting with enthrilling Sounds,The twilight of dusk was calm. Sea waves had become quiet along the shores of Kodi Karai. Catamarans and boats turned shorewards. Seabirds which had gone in search of food were coming home to their nests. White sands stretched for a distance along the shores; beyond was forest and dense jungle spreading far into the distance.

Forest trees did not move; leaves did not quake; silence reigned in all directions. The red-rayed God was descending quickly towards the line where the sea and sky met. Cloud groups tried to hide the red-lord and gleamed with a new radiance.

A small boat floated on the sea near the shore. Tender, flower-petal waves swayed and pushed the craft gently as if it were a baby's cradle. A young maid was in that boat. When we see her, we remember Sendan Amudan describing his cousin. Yes; she must be Poonkuzlali. Befitting her name, a thaazlai (fragrant cactus) petal acquired beauty by gracing her beautiful tresses. Long, dark curls danced on her rounded shoulders. She had made necklace of sea shells and cowries found on the beach and worn it around her neck. But, these gained allure by being on her body; one cannot say that they added to her beauty. If beauty itself takes form, what ornament can embellish it?

Poonkuzlali was leaning back stylishly in her boat and singing. Even the sea seemed calm, listening to her song. Perhaps, even the wind did not blow but floated gently listening to her. The distant forest trees stood stil, engrossed in her melody. The sky and earth were enchanted into silence. Even the sun hesitated to vanish, lingering in the horizon, listening to her.

Let us also listen to that honey-sweet scenes of love and betrayel , defeat , success and more cinematic views with original , drifting in the breeze with live sets on stage Don't miss this historical Ponniyin Selvan 2 (part - 2) come and live the play with real experience


Start Time: 6:10 PM

Venue:Naradagana Sabha Hall A/C TTK Road Alwarpet.



TVK Cultural Presents Amarar Kalki in

Ponniyin Selvan - 02-09-2018

TVK Cultural Presents Amarar Kalki in ''Ponniyin Selvan''. If there's one Tamil novel that has swept the imagination of readers, it's Ponniyin Selvan (Son of Ponni). First published in 1950, this epic has impressed readers for generations. The five-part historical novel has been adapted into stage plays for several years, and has captivated the audience every time. This time around, TVK Productions has produced Amarar Kalki in Ponniyin Selvan.

Condensing five volumes into a plays is quite a task but the director has managed to pull it off. The likeable stage presence of the artists and a delightful romantic angle make this play seem perfect. This was indeed a commendable performance. The play opens with the core element of the story. The stage is lit beautifully. The backdrop of the set changes according to the scene, and the props used are almost nil. The costumes aren't too elaborate and they seem apt for the characters. The director of the play, D. Malikraj, has brought magic to the stage. The audience cheered during the happy moments, and were absorbed by the story during the intense scenes.

With a theme like this, it would've been easy for this play to become unimaginative and boring. But it turns out to be remarkably good! This wouldn't have been possible without exuberant performances by seasoned actors.

Why You Should Watch This Play:
If you're a lover of Tamil fiction and historic tales, then don't miss TVK cultural academy's Ponniyin Selvan. If not for anything else, watch it for the sincere performances by the artists. Go watch the ancient tale come alive when it next plays.


Start Time: 6:15 PM

Venue:Vani Mahal A/c, G.N.Chetty, T.Nagar, Chennai