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Kaari - Tamil

Tamil | U/A
Drama | | 2 hrs 22 mins

Actors: Sasikumar as Sethu | Parvathi Arun as Meena | Kingsley a.k.a Redin as Francis | JD Chakravarthy as JD Chakravarthy

Director: Hemanth

Music Director: D. Imman


Sethu (Sasikumar) is a champion race jockey in Chennai, SRK (JD Chakravarthy) is a multi millionaire exporter and businessman. Meena (Parvathi Arun) is a simple village girl In distant Ramanathapuram. These three characters and the rustic villagers of Kaariyoor were so apart and distant, that, they had never heard of each other until one day their lives change in high drama when fate bring them on a direct collision course. The ensuing screenplay is a race of action, stunts, and events that roller coaster through high emotion, pain, love, betrayal and sacrifice.. The climax point reveals how the fate of the entire village, Meena's future and the sheer life of Sethu hangs on the bleak possibility of a horse jockey taming a ferocious Jallikattu bull

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