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Hello Deer - Hindi | English

Multiple Language | TBA
Standup Comedy | | 1 hrs 00 mins



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Sejal Bhat is a fickle-minded attention deficit comedian. Aside from this, she is also a co-founder at Anderooni, a women-only space for performance arts and expression. She used to be an analyst at an investment bank, then an ex editor at a business publishing magazine and then a content strategist at a PR firm. Before all this she was a journalism student and before that she was an IIT aspirant who thought it was a good idea to take a year off after school to study because 12 years of it wasn't enough. Before even all that though, she was a child who dreamed of being a driver one day she thought because they are the ones who own all the cars. Her stories have always had too many tangents. "Hello deer" is one such tangent which is now her first one hour where she explores her fickle relationship with attention and her fickle attention in relationships. The venue is for 21+ only! Tickets once booked will not be refunded.

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