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Tamil | TBA
Thriller | | -

Actors: Kajal Aggarwal | Yogi Babu

Director: Kalyan

Music Director: Sam C.S.


Aarthi (heroine) a police Inspector. Her ultimate goal is to find and arrest an accused named Daas who escaped from her father's custody 20 years back. In order to resolve the case, she is in search of the accused and wants to put him back in jail to do justice to her father's rememberance. She takes over the case in her hand and she desperately in search of him. During this travel, a shootout happens but Aarthi shoots and kills another person thinking it was Daas and commits a blunder. But after that she manages to hide her mistake without affecting her job or the interrogation of Dass case. In the second half of the film Aarthi is facing a bad occult presence at her home. How she tackles it and her efforts to find and arrest Dass forms the rest of the story.

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