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Gatta Kusthi (U) - Tamil

Tamil | U
Drama | Sports | | -

Actors: Vishnu - Veera | Aishwarya - Keerthi | Karunaas - Rathinam | Munishkanth - Ganesan | Kali Venkat - Sattam | Redin - Tharmakartha | Harish peraadi - Coach kodangi

Director: Chella Ayyavu

Music Director: Justin Prabhakaran


VEERA, a male chauvinist (Vishnu Vishal) is seeking a bride with his own preconceived set of conditions. However, he unexpectedly ends up marrying KEERTHI (Aishwarya Lekshmi) who is a polar opposite to his expectations. When the truth is revealed, it leads to their separation. Feeling cheated and disappointed, Veera makes a decision to prove himself and this action brings about a major change in his life.

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