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Gainfully Employed - Punit Pania - English/Hinglish

Multiple Language | TBA
Standup Comedy | | 1 hrs 30 mins



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The venue is for 21+ only!. Tickets once booked will not be refunded  .Punit Pania is a corporate survivor. After 7 years of salaried existence, Punit switched to stand-up because he believes that comedy as a profession will be the last to get automated. Often described as intellectual and layered, Punit's stand-up covers politics, science, art and stand-up itself in one memorable set. Having traveled across 20 states of our great country, Punit peddles suburban philosophy disguised as observational comedy. Fluent in 5 languages, Punit's ethnic background is a matter of debate that may be settled during his audience interactions. He denies having low self-esteem issues and thinks he is pretty good at writing artist bios in the third person. Many people mistake a job for a career and a career for a life. But the only real struggle of modern life is finding gainful distraction. After nearly a decade of corporate existence and more recently stand-up comedy Punit Pania has some answers and many jokes. It seems like a good place to start.

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