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Jammu and Kashmir


Finders Keepers (A) - English

English | A
Comedy | | 1 hrs 34 mins

Actors: Dalin Oliver Neels Van Jaarsveld Lise Slabber Grant Swanby.

Director: Maynard Kraak

Music Director: Maynard Kraak


Lonnie Cabot, a cleaner at the nightclub lives a lonely life until he befriends a club patron, Brian Bekker, a manic depressive. Lonnie's life changes completely when he finds a box containing a wad of cash and a watch hidden in a toilet at the club. However, Lonnie doesn't know the money belongs to the club owner, a Russian mob who uses these boxes for diamond trafficking. Brian somehow convinces Lonnie to bet the cash on a horse race. Meanwhile, a local gang leader, Jackie Jardine is looking to find his son's murderer and believes Lonnie

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