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Jammu and Kashmir


Fera Feri Hera Feri (U/A) - Gujarati

Gujarathi | U/A
Drama | | 2 hrs 29 mins

Actors: Manoj Joshi Shilpa Tulaskar Haresh Dagiya Bijal Joshi

Director: Girish Mohite

Music Director: Parth Bharat Thakkar


Mr. Hasmukhlaal is (un)fortunate enough to keep 2 wives at the same time, but the wives have no knowledge of the other marriage. On top of that, he orchestrates his own death for one family and stays with the other. For a long time it's all fine until his son from the first marriage and his daughter from the second marriage happen to get in touch with each other and plan to meet. And thus starts a rollercoaster ride of confusion and coverups. Will the 2 wives ever come to know the truth?

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