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Dark and Offensive Jokes - English

English | TBA
Standup Comedy | | 1 hrs 30 mins

Actors: Vikash Paul Barath Balaji Rahul Sridhar Rohini Sarvesh Aaquib Sharat Abiisheik.


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In a 2017 study by Austrian neurologists, they found that people who appreciate dark jokes may actually have higher IQs. What's more, they are less negative and aggressive than people who strictly prefer family-friendly jokes. Why? Because if you can see the humor in even the bleakest parts of life and you can laugh at truly dark jokes, you are less likely to take the world too seriously. So what are you guys waiting for? If you have a twisted sense of humor, this show is just for you. We will be having 9 comics line-up (hosted by Vikash Paul) doing their best dark and offensive jokes in this 90 min show. Featuring - Vikash Paul, Barath Balaji, Rahul Sridhar, Rohini, Aaquib, Sharat, Sarvesh, and Abiisheik Tickets once booked will not be refunded.

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