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Bhat of all Jokes - English

English | TBA
Standup Comedy | | 1 hrs 15 mins



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A standup Comedy Special by Prasad Bhatt. Prasad is the latest internet comedy sensation, with his video going viral on YouTube within days of its release. He is also the man behind the viral artworks of Graphicurry. Come join him for a night of non-stop laughs and hilarity. A caricature artist in India is mostly imagined to be the loser who never got a real job, Well, what if that was partly true? Except, it takes much more than a normal person to deal with the kind of erratic client requests a caricature art it gets! Meet me for my standup comedy set and find out how despite a society-disapproved career, managed to get married and have a baby. Now what's the future of that child, is a questionable matter! The venue is for 21+ only! Tickets once booked will not be refunded.

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