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Bayko Chataka Mehuni Phataka - Marathi

Marathi | U
Comedy Family Drama | | 2 hrs 00 mins

Actors: Divyatej Phulware Khusboo Rupareliya Akshay Dhake Asmita Pande Avinash Umap Shubhda Naik Rangrao Ghagre Yash Nikam

Director: Deepak Sharma

Music Director: Sonu Ajmeri Sarika Ajmeri


In which a girl from a big family marries a poor gentleman from college because of his talent but her father already arranges her marriage elsewhere. Sudden heart attack due to daughter's undisclosed marriage news... Later father goes to meet daughter's mother and sister. A photo placed on the table shows the confusion and the resulting tension. The poor son has to suffer the fruits of his friend's and wife's deeds.

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