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Asvins - Tamil

Tamil | TBA
Psychological | Horror | | -

Actors: Vasanth Ravi | Vimala Raman | Saras Menon | Muralidaran | Udayadeep | Malina

Director: Tarun Teja Mallareddy

Music Director: Vijay Siddharth


Five YouTubers from India, Arjun, Rithvika, Varun, Grace and Rahul, who explore abandoned buildings with haunted pasts and make short films for their famous Youtube channel, get selected by a company in the UK for a project in Black Tourism. The project involves exploring a haunted mansion in a deserted island that belonged to one British-Indian, Aarthi Rajagopal, a world- renowned archaeologist. The team enter the place with a motive of making a pilot film based on the haunted mansion. The Youtubers after entering the mansion encounter a supernatural being, a torturous demon that is creating a portal to enter the human world. All the Youtubers except Arjun are stuck inside the curse experiencing horror even in their last moments. Arjun, through Aarthi's journal, learns that stopping the curse is the only way to destroy the demon. Arjun, employing the best of his mental and physical capabilities, must now accomplish a seemingly impossible task to save his team by stopping the curse; especially after finding out that his presence in this place is not a coincidence.

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