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Aalankam (U/A) - Malayalam

Malayalam | U/A
Drama | | -

Actors: Lukman Avaran Jaffer Idukki Gokulan and Sharanya R

Director: Shani Khader

Music Director: Kiran Jose


Priyamvada belongs to the lower strata of society and is in love with Lijo, an upper-class boy with financial and political muscles. His family is against the relationship, especially his younger and ambitious brother prince. Lijo is adamant, and an enraged Prince forges a plan to get Rid of Priyamvada. Prashanth, an aide of Prince, finds Priyamvada near a mortuary waiting alone for the rains to subside to go home. He forcefully drags her inside the mortuary and informs the prince, who reaches swiftly and tries to rape Priyamvada. The morgue security Chandran comes to her rescue, and Prince accidentally gets killed in the ensuing fight. Prashanth threatens Chandran with consequences while a hysteric Priyamvada tries to hide. Prashanth calls his friend Pookkal for help. Pookkal and Prashanth kill Priyamvada and force Chandran to cooperate in destroying the evidence. The story then takes a different turn through some unexpected twists.

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