Saarang "Choreo Night"

Choreo Night being the biggest inter-collegiate group dance competition in South India, is a platform for the nation's best dance crews to show their moves. Watch them set the stage ablaze in a night of mind blowing entertainment and immense fun.
The proceeds from this night will go to charity. Be there to experience one of the best performances of your life and support the cause

Saarang "Sunburn Campus"

Sunburn Campus, the college edition of the famous Sunburn Festival held at Goa every year, sets foot in Chennai for the first time ever at Saarang. Featuring DJs Dualist Inquiry and (S)haan, Sunburn Campus is a night you would not want to miss!

Saarang "Rock Show"

Anathema are a 6-piece English band from Liverpool. Formed in 1990, the band started out as one of the pioneering groups in the Death/Doom metal genres. Over the years, they have pushed their musical boundaries in every imaginable direction, with the band's recent work closer to Progressive/Alternative Rock. Their newer work features regularly on mainstream media such as MTV and VH1, and has attracted a large faithful following around the world.

Dawn To Dusk

Every year Dawn To Dusk 2013 has taken up a lot of social awareness programmes so as to help improve the society. This year as a part of Dawn To Dusk 2013 �Eunoia� we are championing the causes of better nutrition, literacy, expression, and rural development by associating with NGO�s such as Smile Foundation, MAD, Milaap and AID India.
As an epilogue to all the social initiatives taken up by Dawn To Dusk 2013, this year members of Dawn To Dusk 2013 are supporting the �Dawn to Dusk� Run. The �Dawn to Dusk � 2013� is to be held on Sunday, 13th January, 2013. Neville J Bilimoria has come forward to raise funds through this 12 hour event. All the funds raised by Dawn To Dusk 2013 from this would be donated to Smile Foundation supporting the cause �Nutrition for better Literacy�.

Saarang "Popular Night"

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (SEL), the Indian musical trio consisting of Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, and loy mendonsa have composed music for innumerable soundtracks across four languages. These Record producers, Musicians and Multi-instrumentalists have won over twenty awards.

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Venue : Open Air Theatre, IIT Madras, Chennai 600036.

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